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Mark’n’Max combination dual encapsulated system that provides water softening, chlorine and chemical removal.

Removes clear water iron and softens your water.

Simple program set up, then relax. Just add water softening salt!

  • Softens water, removes iron and eliminates odour
  • Computerized design to measure exact water usage
  • Removes chlorine and volatile organic chemicals
  • Simple fully programmable electronic water softener that doesn’t waste any water
    • Self-diagnostic service features
    • Best efficiency water softener that uses 80% less salt than traditional water softeners
    • Latest modern design uses as little as 2.5lbs of water softening salt and 17 gallons of water per regeneration
    • Compact one-piece cabinet/twin tank design
    • Uses 80% less salt than traditional water softeners
    • Power outage protective cell
    • 12 Volt AC uses less than $3/yr in electricity
    • Bypass valve

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